Over the course of 2012, frontman and founder Ryan Dieringer worked with drummer Alex Goldberg, local producer & lead guitarist Andrew Lappin, as well as bassist & former bandmate (The Powder Kegs) Sam McDougle, to arrange and produce their first full length record. It was a New York experience. Ryan was writing songs out of his apartment, and when it was all arranged, they holed up in a studio in Manhattan in the winter of 2011 and laid it all down, mostly live. The sound they forged was equal parts Echo & The Bunnymen and Bruce Springsteen, with the immediacy of Girls or early Arctic Monkeys. 

The songs, as WXPN puts it, “take jaunts into the many facets of the genre” of rock & roll, with Dieringer’s crooning growl (recalling Waits, channeling Annie Lennox - see “Monsters”) and Lappin’s piercing melodic solos (see, “Hurricane & Harriet, “Runaway”) trading the spotlight. A few months later there was no lack of critical acclaim for their work. Paste Mag named them #6 of 10 "New York Acts you Should Listen to Now." 

This past year, they traded the freewheeling approach of the first album for a more deliberate, collaborative one. Dieringer started working more closely with the band on all elements of the process, rather than bringing complete songs to them to play. Songs for "Premonitions" were written, arranged and recorded piece-by-piece over the course of 2013.  The result, "Premonitions EP," capitalizes on the bands collective strengths: deep grooves, vocals that explore Dieringer's full range, and lush chord structures that - as Buzzchips writes - are "riveting rather than simply catchy, and the arrangements and guitar tones are meticulously built." 

Indie Shuffle reviewed the whole EP, saying, "This four-track EP is filled with infectious hooks and sticky sweet choruses that will get stuck in your head for days (that’s the idea, right?). Though Double King is relatively new, you can tell they’ve been in the game for quite some time now. Their tracks are drenched with the pop sensibility that elevate their sound to a bar that’s been raised so high that I can’t help but be impressed."

The Music Ninja was equally awestruck. They wrote, "Double King have something going. With an interesting vocal tone and range, hip-swaying 50′s style surf rock guitars and a catchy pop set up, we find ourselves swooning. They have a sound dripping in Americana that beckons on classical styles infused with traditional pop structures. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed by this Brooklyn based indie rock outfit."

"Premonitions" was released on Oct. 6th. It is available via http://twicetheking.bandcamp.com

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